Network Integration

At JJ Buzz Cloud, we build a network that enables your IT infrastructure to adapt to rapidly changing business needs and emerging technologies. Our network management will help to improve your business.

The services we provide include planning, design, deployment and ongoing monitoring and management of networks that will assist you in providing the ubiquitous access to applications and data necessary to meet today’s business requirements.


Networking strategy & optimization

As your business grows, new applications and technologies are introduced. To support business operational excellence, networking infrastructure are to be optimized and aligned with business strategy. Upgrading existing network to improve your networking and communications environment helps to enhance performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

At JJ Buzz Cloud Systems Pte Ltd, we provide strategy, assessment and optimization services to help identify areas of improvements. We also help to resolve existing network availability, performance or management issues and establish a more cost-effective networking and communications environment to enhance productivity.


Network Security

 An effective network security system is of vital importance for all business organization due to the rising threats in the digital world.

 As a network-security service provider, we assist in strategic consulting, training, and implementation. Our experienced team of security professionals have the expertise to identify potential vulnerabilities, threats and propose long-term security measures.

 At JJ Buzz Cloud Systems Pte Ltd, we provide an extensive security measures to ensure the safety of both company and client data which includes unified threat management, email & virus protection, data leakage prevention, anti-virus / spyware protection, encryption systems, firewall management, virtual private networks (VPNs)

About JJ BUZZ Cloud

We are committed to ease your workload by providing various IT needs and enhancement solutions in an innovative way to aid in your business administration. You can entrust your IT functions to us while you focus on your core businesses. 

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